Michael Nasikan
Michael began his tumbling career at the age of 13. Training under Russian coaches, he excelled rapidly and began competing at the age of 16. He won several US National Titles in Sports Acrobatics as well as Power Tumbling. Mike was also on the US National team for several years competing all over United States and the World. Since the end of his competitive career in 2001, Mike has been coaching tumbling from the very beginner level all the way to high level specialized tumbling, including double and triple full twists and strong combination passes. His specialty is coaching twisting. Athletes from all over the East Coast travel to have him coach their tumbling. He has also done several large tumbling camps.
Yuri was born in Ukraine, Kiev, where he began his tumbling career under his father's professional coaching. He began competing in Sports Acrobatics Tumbling at age 5 and continued until he was 8 when he moved to the United States. After taking a few years off, Yuri began training again with his father's coaching and encouragement. At the age of 16, he attended his first Sports Acrobatics Nationals. There, he won a gold medal in Power Tumbling and a gold medal in the Men's Four Exercise. Over the next several years he went on to win numerous other National Titles including "Highest Flying Tumbler of Nationals" award in 1998. In 1999, Yuri made the USA National Team. Over the next 2 years, he traveled around the world competing in competitions such as the World Games and World Championships in countries including; Amsterdam, Belgium, Poland, Russia and Japan. His group placed 6th in
 Poland at the World Championships and 5th in Japan for World Games. After retiring from Sports Acrobatics, Yuri has and will continue to use his skills to coach tumbling in his own facility located in Columbia, MD. He has traveled and continues to all over the country teaching the proper techniques of tumbling to cheerleaders, fitness competitors, gymnasts and others. He has helped coach the University of Maryland Terps cheerleaders; several members of the Baltimore Ravens cheer team; a many fitness competitor, majority of High School and many recreational cheer teams in the area. Additionally, he works closely with coaches and lectures on preventing injuries and improving the overall strength of athletes to make them stronger tumblers.