End of year interview
Name *
How many years have you been on the team
Is you Name, phone number, and email all correct on team snap?
Will you again be attempting to be on the Acro-Airs team again next full year?
Choose which one fits you:
The team is a good extracurricular activity at WAU
I have always wanted to be on the team and it is why I attend WAU
The team ranks high on my reasons for attending WAU and I believe in what it stands for and its mission is why I continue
I enjoy sports and like the team, but might be just as happy doing other things
I am which one of the following
Always willing to maintain good eating habits and fitness to better play my roll on the Acro-Airs team
Willing to change some but not all things about my lifestyle to meet the team standards or needs
Willing to view the Acro-Airs as a sports team and will work out as asked during practices
In what specific way do you think you added to the team?
Describe what you think the Acro-Airs mission is:
List for improvement for next year. (If returning)
What is your roll on the Acro-Airs
What is your major? Or Degree you finished?
Will you be in school at WAU next year?