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Mission-Airs 5k
A collegiate group of dedicated athletes committed to delivering an exciting product of high-intensity acrobatics while promoting healthy living. Extending a message of hope to children, churches, and the local community by emphasizing the great feats that are achievable by abstaining from drug and alcohol use.

The Acro-Airs stand by the idea of Safety and Hard Work in every aspect of their athletic endeavors.
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March 2017
The Acro-Airs take to the road Thursday and Friday March March 9, 10 and 11 for a group of local performances. Our first stop will be Takoma Academy on Thursday morning, we then proceed to visit and perform for the Capital City Public Charter School, George E Peters Adventist School, and West Educational Campus student body. This spring break we will travel locally to spread the message of healthier living and anchoring our faith in something stronger than material things.
We finish the set of shows with a special routine performance during Spencerville Adventist Academy's annual homeshow in support of our sibling program, Saturday night.
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